and casino in hands and casino in hands. The site under the name situs poker is an online casino site which is available on the internet. The site has very exciting games available online once you have completed the registration process. There are poker games card games and dice games available on the site. The rules are for each game and the site is application is very easy to use. The games are such made that it decreases the amount of risk and increases the outcome with a reasonable amount.

The rules of card games are very easy to understand with the help of customer service you can get any other information that you require the customer service is available every time to your want for questions .


Rules and Regulations of the play:

The game goes in the clockwise direction and there are few plays of the game listed below:

  • Round known as pre flop

The cards will be distributed to each player and they can see the cards once it is distributed to them. The player can increase the bet with the play going on. Every bet gets increased with a player increasing bet, the first bet player whose bet is the highest will have his bet doubled. The betting continues until the last player and if there are more than two players the bet pot keeps moving till both show the cards they have.

  • Round called Flop

In this round there are only 3 cards placed on the table in an open condition, whoever feels insecure of putting more bets in the game can withdrawal from the game at any point depending on them.

With last round if there are players who are still playing both of them can ask the other one to show his card. The bet pot travels in clockwise direction till the end. This is very interesting game for every gambler who is very much skilled to use the skills of their gambling in the play. The price will be increased according to the bets that each player makes, it is not necessary to take the play to the end you can leave the game anytime you want, everything is important in this play your intelligence and the give up nature which will help you to retail the amount without taking any further risks. The site has 18+ requirement to mention

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